The acceptance standard of roll up banner in PTC display

The quality checklist and acceptance standard of roll up banner in PTC display.

1. The banner doesn't lean forward, and lean back in 5 degree when the banner is installed.
2. The surface of roll up banner perfect, don't have big scratch.
3. The spring is work good when pull out the banner or pull down the banner.
4. The holes to insert poles is round enough and easy to install the pole.
5. There isn't any out of shape near the edge of the holes to insert the pole.
6. The snap top rail should clip the banner tight even use the thin PP paper.
7. The top rail can't fall into the body of roll up banner and easy to pull out in any condition.
8. The Plastic end caps of the top bar can't fall down.
9. The hardness of the top rail should be enough and the banner near the top rail should be flat without any wave line.
10. The edge of the feet don't have burr and don't hurt the hand and finger.
11. The feet of roll up banner not easy to drop down even with a hamber.
12. The canvas bag should be dry enough.
13. The adhersive tap should be flat when sealling the cartons.
14. The Gross weight of each carton can't be exceed 20kgs.
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