Outdoor star shade(PTC-GT-2)

Star shade

Star tent, 16sqm
High quality tent fabric 1000D 650g
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Star tent, 16sqm, High quality tent fabric 1000D 650g, white color or colorful

Item Size Side height GW Volume loading
Dia8m Dia8mx5m (height) 2.2m 39kgs 0.16cbm 160sets/20'
Dia10m Dia10mx5m (height) 2.2m 48kgs 0.19cbm 135sets/20'
Dia12m Dia12mx5m (height) 2.2m 57gs 0.21cbm 123sets/20'
Dia 14m Dia14mx5m (height) 2.2m 66kgs 0.23cbm 113set/20'
Dia 16m Dia16mx5m (height) 2.2m 78kgs 0.25cbm 104set/20'

8x12m 8m(width) x12m(length)x5m 2.2m 63kgs 0.22cbm 110sets/20'
10x14m 10m(width) x14m(length)x5m 2.2m 77kgs 0.25cbm 100sets/20'
12x17m 12m(width) x17m(length)x5m 2.2m 92kgs 0.29cbm 90sets/20'
14x19m 14m(width) x19m(length)x5m 2.2m 105kgs 0.33cbm 78set/20'
16x21m 16m(width) x21m(length)x5m 2.2m 119kgs 0.38cbm 68set/20'

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